Smart Autonomous Irrigation System


gWiq Technologies is a pioneer in delivering IoT Products and Solutions for Smart Autonomous Irrigation. We design and develop cloud based IoT solutions integrated with wireless sensors, mobile pump controllers and wireless valve controllers.

Our solution is unique, affordable and simple to use by a farmer.

We help farmers by offering a proprietary farm-specific irrigation schedule, based on the farm parameters (soil type, crop variety, sowing date and weather conditions both in real time and forecast). Our solution saves water and energy, and conserves the environment while increasing the crop yield. With the help of Agronomists and by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, our solution generates farm-specific irrigation schedules based on farm parameters and applies the right amount of water autonomously AgWiq helps farmers better understand water usage across their fields. Its low-cost Smart Autonomous Irrigation solutions can increase crop yields while simultaneously cutting water usage by 25%.